Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goddess Manuela - Part 3 : 3 months later

It had been three months since I received that phone call from Goddess Manuela, officially accepting me as her full-time online slave, and six months since I had been looked in chastity in a secure metal belt. She was now ruling my life from the moment when I was entering my appartment in the evening, untill the next morning when I left. I was on a daily regime of cold showers and cheap dog food and had to beg every night to sleep in my bed and not on the floor. Mondays, I spent the evening (and part of the night) cleaning all the rooms with a tooth brush, Tuesday I had to hand wash my collection of see-through panties and clean all my clothes. Wednesday was my ironing evening and from Thursday to Sunday, Mistress often invented other tasks for me to perform under her supervision. On the Monday of the third week, I received a package via post. I contacted Mistress that night and she said : "I thought with all that work you do, you would also need a little bit of entertainment before going to bed... So, open it slave!" I opened the package and found seven hard core gay DVDs... "One for each evening of the week my dear. Before going to bed, you will swallow a viagra pill, put one DVD on, get on your knees, hands on your head and watch it. Ahahaha! Thank me now." "Thank You Mistress." Life in my flat had really become hell, and the only space of privacy I still had was in my appartment's cellar, a place Goddess did not no existed, where I had installed a bed and stored food, books and other personal stuff I did not want her to have access to.

Early on that Monday morning, I was waken up by my Mistress' voice. "Get up Severin, get up quickly, I have a surprise for you! You have two minutes to connect to your computer." I jumped out of bed and rushed to the screen. I had not seen Mistress' face for 2 weeks, only hearing her cruel voice... What I saw on the screen at that moment was unbelievable! Goddess Manuela was there, completely naked, sitting on a chair, legs crossed, looking at me. "Congratulations boy, you have completed your 3-months probation period. Do you like what you see?" "Oh yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress." "I have more in store for you... I have planned a reward evening for you next Saturday. You will receive several packages by post this week, you are not to open them untill I tell you on Saturday night, we shouldn't spoil the surprise. Also, you are allowed to purchase all the food and drinks you dreamt to enjoy over the past 3 months and you should prepare yourself a delicious and rich dinner for that Saturday night. At 7 p.m. Saturday, I expect your food to be ready and all the parcels I sent you to be placed in the middle of your living room." And with that she stood up and started to move about her house, beautiful and naked. "Do you like what you see?" "Oh yes my Goddess!" "Well, there is much more to come for you on Saturday. I am proud of you slave. Have a nice week." That same evening I went to an upmarket food store and purchased delicacies, expensive wine and champaign bottles. I reveived 3 parcels during the week, First a middle-size one, then a small one and, finally, a very large one on the Friday, that I had to go pick up at the central post office with my car. At 7 p.m. on Saturday, I was ready, kneeling naked in front of the computer, waiting for my Mistress' image to appear.

"Good evening slave." she said as she appeared on the screen, wearing a sexy red cocktail dress. "Tonight is your night, I hope you enjoy it." "Now, you will get dressed, get in your car, withdraw 5000 euros in cash and drive to your town's red light district. You will look for the woman who you find the most attractive in the street and also the woman that you find most repulsive and you will pay them whatever is required to have them come to your flat for the whole night. I'll be waiting for you here. Go now!" Dressed, with the cash in my pocket, I drove through the streets of the red light district, looking for what my Mistress asked. First I found the first one, a tall, muscular black woman in her late 20's, wearing tight jeans shorts and a T-shirt. Not far from her, I saw the other woman, an obese 50-something fake-blond, outrageously made-up, in a miniskirt. I stepped out of the car and approched the two women, who agreed to follow me to my appartment for the night for a total of 500 euros (250 each). A few minutes later, we were entering my appartment.

"Welcome ladies, Manuela's voice said, please have a sit in the sofa, Severin will serve you a glass of champaign." The women looked at each-other with a smile. As I was serving them a chilled glass of the best champaign, my Mistress continued: "So Severin, did you forget the first rule in my appartment?" (for a while now she had been calling my place her appartment) "Get undressed now and kneel on the white carpet in front of the ladies." As I undressed, both women started to laugh at the pink panties and even more when they realized I was wearing the belt. "Let's make the presentations. I am Goddess Manuela. What's your name?' The African girl was called Baya and the fat one Kathy. "This is my slave Severin. Severin, please introduce the ladies to your Master. Yes, take it out and show him to them, tell them "He is my Master"." As I did as instructed, the two women could not stop laughing hysterically. "Oh, it looks that Master is not very clean, you disappoint me Severin. Show the ladies how you can lick your Master clean, they seem to enjoy it..." "Ladies, would you be so kind as to open medium size box. You will find in there some tight latex clothes (corsets, high boots and all) that I would like you to wear for my slave tonight. I hope you can find your sizes. As the ladies get dressed, I will tell you what I have in mind for you tonight Severin. As you have been a very good slave over the past 3 months, I decided to reward you. So, the plan is the following. Baya will first unlock you from your belt (I will tell her where to find the key). You will take Master out and put it in Kathy's ass. As Baya prepares the table for the two of you to enjoy this lovely dinner, you will have a few minutes to give a good caning on Kathy's bottom. I think you suffered a lot these days and you must need to release some of your anger. You will find a few canes to chose from in the parcell. You will then have dinner with Baya, served by Kathy. After dinner, you will have the full night to make love to Baya as many times as you like, in any way you like. Kathy will remain at your disposal to serve you drinks or food as you decide." "So slave, do I know how to reward a good slave?" "Oh yes Mistress, You are so generous to me!". Both women came back dressed in tight latex, Baya looking ever more stunning and Kathy truly disgusting...

"Before we start, there is one little detail I need to check. Baya, would you be so kind as to get the small box? Inside, you will find two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold and a neck chain with a key attached to it. Please would you be so kind as to attach the cuffs to his wrists and ankles, hands behind his back? Now, put the blindfold on his eyes, yes. This key is the key of his chastity belt, so please, would you do me the honor to unlock him?" As Baya unlocked and removed the belt, my cock became immediately rock hard and I stood there in anticipation. "Baya, you can start stroking him slowly, but be careful, after 6 months, he must be ready to burst, so let's not make a mess on my carpet..." Baya's expert hands starting stroking my cock, and I was in paradise. It was just so good, so intense. "Well, now slave, as Baya is caressing you, I just have one question to ask you. You will need to be extremely careful with your answer, as, as we speak, I have made all the steps to publish a detailed footage of your videos on youtube, and I have just one last button to push." I started to panic, what was happening? "Don't worry boy, I will ask you a simple question and you know the answer to it. If, by any stupid chance you decide to lie to me, I will immediately press the button. If you chose to tell me the truth, I will immediately press cancel and nothing will be published... Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." "I know it is a little difficult to concentrate with what she is doing to you right now, but I'm sure the question is so simple you will know what to answer. Take your time before making your decision, as this could be the end of everything..."

"Well, my question is: did you hide from me any room that you have access to in this building? Take your time to answer, take a deep breath... yes?" "Yes Mistress I did." "Good, you are doing well, two more right answers and I will press cancel. Where is that room?" "In the basement Mistress." "And where is the key to that room?" "In my office bag in the entrance." "Good Severin, I have just pressed cancel. Now, Baya, would you stop strocking please? Thank you. I need to have a few words with this slave. You have disappointed me greatly slave, and tonight, instead of the dream night I had prepared for you, you will have to bear more suffering than you ever imagined you would." I was terrified, and so helpless. "Baya, you may open the large parcell, in there, among many other things, you will find some electric equipment : an electric ring to put around his balls, an kind size electric anal plug and, last but not least, a metal rod to slide inside the slave's cock. Please prepare him now, and place the power device on the table. We will be able to shock his balls, ass and prick with a variety of intensity levels." I hear the woman walk to the parcell, open it, and she started to prepare me, replacing "Master" with an even larger electric plug, clipping a heavy ring on my balls and sliding the rod in my erect cock. "He is ready now, she said." "Thank you Baya. Let's put him on level 3 for a start, with the random function." And I started to receive excuriatingly painful shocs in my most sensitive parts... And this was only "level 3". "Now, take off his blindfold. Kathy, please take off your panties and kneel on the sofa. This slave is going to lick your ass for all the time that it will take Baya to bring upstairs all what she will find in the bitch's cellar. Depending on what we find there, I will decide what comes next." The fat old lady took her panties down and exposed her humongous ass for me to workship. This was really disgusting. "What are you waiting for? Get to work. We will ask Kathy if you did a good job, and if you did not, the power level goes to 5." I anxiously started to dip my face between the woman's buttocks, tongue out to find her whole...

It took Baya two hours to empty my cellar and bring all my precious belongings upstairs. I was exhausted from the licking. On two occasions, Kathy released a disgusting fart in my mouth and face, causing a lot of laughs in the room. Mistress just ordered : "Keep going, don't be a sissy for once in your pathetic life!" "Enough, now. I think we have everything. So, I see you had food supplies and wine - electricity goes to level 4. You also had books, and magazines, including SM pornography - level 5." I started to scream of pain. "Baya, can you please gag our bitch, as I think he will need to take much more pain in the coming minutes. Use his dirty socks to fill his mouth completely and then the duck tape. Yes, that's it. You also had your own bed and comfortable pillows - level 6." I started to cry and moan desperately. "Ohoho, that's interesting, you have a collection of credit cards, and some cash. Baya, can you count this one for me please?" "There is a total of 10'000 euros in cash here." "Good, you have a choice now, I will either ask them to go to level 7 or, you will offer the cash to these ladies. So, please nod if you agree to give them the cash. Good, so ladies, you just made 10'000 euros. How much did this bitch pay you to come here tonight?" "500 euros" "That means he still has 4,500 euros in his jacket. Severin, I can ask them to bring the level down to 5 if you agree to give them the 4,500 euros. Do you agree? Yes, good, please go down to 5. Now, what else is there here? An adress book, with all his personal contacts - level back to 6 immediately! Baya, please place this one in an envelop that you will find in the large parcel and make sure you ship it over to me in the coming days. What is this now? A computer with an internet connection! That is just inacceptable! Level 10!" That's the last thing I remembered, as with the pain, I passed away instantly at that moment.

I woke up in the middle of the night, naked wearing my belt again, chained to the floor of my now empty cellar. On the floor, only a bucket of water and a plate filled with dog food. How long would Mistress make me wait here? And what was happening upstairs?

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