Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goddess Manuela - Part 5: Stag Night

When my eyes opened, I saw Goddess Manuela sitting on the sofa next to my bed. She stood up without a word and took out a seringe from her handbag. I just had the time for a last glance at her beauty and smell of her delicious fragrance before the product she injected in my right arm did its effect and I fell into a deep sleep...

I woke up in complete darkness, naked in the freezing cold, hearing Manuela's soft voice talking to me. Severin, Severin, you must wake up now, we have a lot to do as tomorrow is the big day for us! I could hardly understand where I was. As I was gaining back my sensations, I realized that my hands were tied on a metal collar around my neck and that I was lying on a rough wooden floor. "Get up Severin!" As I tried to stand, I also became aware that I was wearing some kind of very high hills shoes. "Good boy. As you know, we are getting married tomorrow, and I prepared for you tonight the most incredible stag night you could think of. Did I hear think you?" "Thank You Goddess Manuela." I uttered. "Let me tell you what I have in store for you tonight. In your sleep, I have prepared you as follows: I have secured a metal chastity belt on you which is attached to a special anal plug fitting in your sorry ass. This plug is equiped with a powerful flashlight and a loud sound device... you will soon understand why. You are currently in a small wodden hut in the forest of a friend of mine, so please walk forward and push the door in front of you..." I did as ordered and as I opened the door, I realized it was evening and that I was indeed in the middle of some deep forest, isolated.

"The forest belongs to my friend, and let me tell you what I have organized for you. 6 months ago, I made the following deal with 20 gay males: I would keep them in chastity for a period of 12 months, paying them USD 10,000 each for that, and giving them one occasion to get release after 6 months. The rule goes as follows: The keys to their chastity belts are attached to your collar. They have the whole night to hunt you in the forest. Those who will find you will be able to unlock their belt and fuck your ass whole untill the next morning... They will also receive a cash bonus of USD 50,000. I can tell you that their motivation level is really high! As the forest is quite large, I would like them to have a chance to find you, hence your special ass device..."

I was petrified... 20 desperate gay raptors after me in the depth of the forest! But I did not have the time to think, as already the flashlight was switched on, sending a powerful stream of brightness behind me in the dark woods. "As you can see, if they manage to get near to you, they can't miss you with this one! Let me test the sound device now..." And with that, a powerful horn sound came out of my bum! "Oh, sorry Severin, they must have heard this now... they are coming after you, so good luck! And, just for you to know, the light stays on all the time and the horn will blow every 15 minutes, just to spice up the hunt a little bit!

Goddess Manuela - Part 4 : The prisoner

I heard the lock and Baya entered the cellar. She looked at me and started to get undressed. There she was, standing in front of me in her underwear, holding my mobile phone in her hand. The phone started to ring. "This one's for you slave", Baya said and she handed me the phone." "Good morning slave, Goddess Manuela said. I'm sure you understand how upset I am with you and that you still have to pay a lot for trying to deceive me, your Owner and Goddess. Now, you will obey Baya in everything she asks you to do. And let me tell you that you don't want her to be calling me reporting that you have been uncooperative, as I will not hesitate to post your videos on Youtube, as you very well know. We'll talk later." As she hang up, the stunning black woman looked down at me with a smile. "Slave, I will now dial your boss Cristina's phone number and activate the loudspeaker. You will explain to her that you had an attack and that you will have to stay in hospital for at least the next 3 months. She will receive a letter confirmation from us by the end of the week." I did as ordered, kneeling in the middle of the room, while the black goddess was casually walking around me. "Good, now we have found a total of 6 credit cards in your appartment and cellar. You will write down for me the pin code for each of them. Also, you will write down the passcode to your online ebanking platform." Things were getting totally out of hand, but I did not have a choice, and this sexy black panther was so desirable too! "Now, Manuela has decided that you would spend the next 3 months in this cellar. You are also on a strict diet of dog food and tab water. Here is a large bucket for you to pee and shit in. Regarding the belt, Manuela asked me to send her back the key, so don't even hope to get out anytime soon." She then brought 10 cans of that disgusting dog food, a can opener as well as 3 buckets of water. "Kathy and I are going shopping with your credit cards now, I'll be back in a few days." With that, she left the room, locked the door and switched off the light."

How long did I wait like this in the dark? I don't know, but it did seem like an eternity... Four times, Baya came to bring me dog food and water, pick up the shit bucket and "wash" me with a freezing water jet, without a word. How long could they keep me in there? This was such an inhumane torture. Finally, one day, as Baya came into the room, I felt that something was different. "Put this on", she said as she sent me a secure blindfold. I did as ordered, desperate for something, anything, to happen. "Now, you stay on all 4 and wait for further instructions." I heard her leave the room. A few minutes later, I heard steps approaching and the door opened. Someone entered the room. "So, finally we are meeting in person" I heard Goddess Manuela's voice say. I could not believe my ears. Here she was, with me, in that sordid room! "Quite a number of things have happend during the past 3 months slave, so listen carefully. First. your company found out that you were actually not sick, and due to your many years of service, they have offered you a generous severance package. I have resiliated your appartment's rent, starting next week. I have also sold your car and all your furniture." As my mind was computing these devastating news, she slowly removed the blindfold. "Keep your eyes down slave. You may stare at my feet." This was so incredibly exciting. Being in her presence and contemplating her feet in high hill shoes, after 3 months of total sensory deprivation. "I think that both of us are now ready to take our relationship a step further. We both realized that distance domination does not work, as you can still find ways to escape my scrutiny, which is entirely unacceptable. Do you agree?" "Yes Goddess Manuela." "Well, I am prepared to offer you to become my live-in slave, under my own conditions of course." Her live-in slave. Was I dreaming?

"First, we will need to get married, so that I have full access to all your property. Second, we will invest all your savings into a large and beutiful mansion in southern France. I have already made the scouting and found the ideal place. We will equip this mansion with all modern comfort, including a large dungeon in the basement as well as video surveillance and concealed confinment cells on all floors. You will also have to start earning money again, but not the way you used to, a way that will make you even more desperate, horny and humiliated. You will find out more about it in the coming days. You may now lift your head a little and look at my calves. So, do you agree." Hypnotized by her gorgeous legs, I responded "Yes Mistress, thank You Mistress." "Good. I will go and take the necessary steps to make this happen. The wedding will take place in 3 weeks, and I want to keep it as a surprise for you. In the meantime, as I will be very busy, I have decided to lend you to Baya and Kathy. They will come and pick you up later today.' I saw her feet reaching the door and leave the room. Finally, I thought, my dream is coming true... little did I know what was actually coming...

Later that day, Baya and Kathy entered my room and handed over to me a latex slut outfit with inflatable breasts & a blond wig. "Put this one on slave, and follow us." Dressed like a whore, I followed them in the basement and reached the parking lot. They opened the boot of a car and ordered me to jump in. We drove a few minutes and ended up in the underground parking of another building. They then took me to a small room with no natural light. "You will spend the next 3 weeks here slave, Kathy said" An even smaller room than my cellar! "But don't you worry, you will have a lot of visitors here, you won't be bored!" And both women bursted out laughing. "Have a look here, we have made a little installation for you in this room : the 3 wholes you see on this wall are called "glory wholes" in our industry. They have become very much in fashion these days. Guys pay some money to put their dick in them and jerk off in someone's hand or mouth. We have placed the wholes in such a way that you can work on 3 customers at the same time: right hand, left hand and mouth. That way, you will make more money for us, do you understand?" I was horrified. "Do you understand I asked?" "Yes Mistress." "We have also installed a little electric system here. Customers are able to provide a rating to your performance from 1 to 10 using a remote control fixed on their side of the wall. The remote control will be linked to an electric shocker attached to your balls. Low performance will be punished on the spot with a violent jolt." With that, Baya started to attach the device to my balls, as I was made to kneel. "Don't be upset with us, Kathy said. This was Manuela's idea : she thought it would be so frustrating for you to jerk off tens of guys every day while having to remain confined in your belt. What do you think? Isn't that funny?"

Starting that night, I spent most of my days and nights sucking and wanking cocks, as well as receiving electricity jolts my my sensitive balls. This was an incredible torment and I was running increasingly exhausted day after day. All the women working in the area (Baya and Kathy's colleagues) enjoyed spending time watching me perform for their amusement, and Baya had several videos done and sent to Goddess Manuela for her special collection of blackmail material. Finally, the 3-week period was over and it was time for me to say goodbuy to Baya and Kathy. "Tonigth will be a very special night for you slave, it will be your last night with Kathy and I, Baya told me." That night, they took me to one of their rooms and tied me up to the bed, naked, on my back. After several hours of waiting, Baya entered the room, more desirable than ever. She got completely undressed and keeled between my legs. "Boy, look what I have here. This is the key to your belt, and tonight, it is coming out... But before that, let's have some foreplay." "With the belt still on, Baya lied down on me, as I could feel her breasts press my chest and her tongue enter my mouth... the teasing lasted for 3 hours, when she made me lick her ass, legs, feet, pussy... Finally, she asked, "Are you ready to get release?" "Yes Mistress!" At she started to unlock me, the disgusting Kathy entered the room, also naked, with her 100+ kilos, looking at me with a smile. "Hello darling. Leave us alone Baya, we would like some intimacy..." Baya left the room in a laugh. "So, baby, Kathy continued, will you beg to fuck me?" I was so desperately horny, that I started to scream : "I beg you Kathy, let me fuck you!" "Tell me you love me now severin." "I love you Kathy." The monstruous woman jumped on the bed and started to lubricate my hard dick with a white cream... "This is a strong anesthetic cream severin, it will help you keep it longer" As she started riding me, I could not feel anything... no stimulation at all... so the fat and hideous woman enjoyed her ride for one long hour without allowing me any release...

As Kathy stepped down from the bed, Baya came into the room. "This is the most hilarious video I have seen in years, I'm sure Manuela will enjoy watching it!" They left me there on the bed, with my desperate dick pointing in the air... "Bye bye severin, it was nice meeting you. Goddess Manuela will come and pick you up later this morning..."

Goddess Manuela - Part 3 : 3 months later

It had been three months since I received that phone call from Goddess Manuela, officially accepting me as her full-time online slave, and six months since I had been looked in chastity in a secure metal belt. She was now ruling my life from the moment when I was entering my appartment in the evening, untill the next morning when I left. I was on a daily regime of cold showers and cheap dog food and had to beg every night to sleep in my bed and not on the floor. Mondays, I spent the evening (and part of the night) cleaning all the rooms with a tooth brush, Tuesday I had to hand wash my collection of see-through panties and clean all my clothes. Wednesday was my ironing evening and from Thursday to Sunday, Mistress often invented other tasks for me to perform under her supervision. On the Monday of the third week, I received a package via post. I contacted Mistress that night and she said : "I thought with all that work you do, you would also need a little bit of entertainment before going to bed... So, open it slave!" I opened the package and found seven hard core gay DVDs... "One for each evening of the week my dear. Before going to bed, you will swallow a viagra pill, put one DVD on, get on your knees, hands on your head and watch it. Ahahaha! Thank me now." "Thank You Mistress." Life in my flat had really become hell, and the only space of privacy I still had was in my appartment's cellar, a place Goddess did not no existed, where I had installed a bed and stored food, books and other personal stuff I did not want her to have access to.

Early on that Monday morning, I was waken up by my Mistress' voice. "Get up Severin, get up quickly, I have a surprise for you! You have two minutes to connect to your computer." I jumped out of bed and rushed to the screen. I had not seen Mistress' face for 2 weeks, only hearing her cruel voice... What I saw on the screen at that moment was unbelievable! Goddess Manuela was there, completely naked, sitting on a chair, legs crossed, looking at me. "Congratulations boy, you have completed your 3-months probation period. Do you like what you see?" "Oh yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress." "I have more in store for you... I have planned a reward evening for you next Saturday. You will receive several packages by post this week, you are not to open them untill I tell you on Saturday night, we shouldn't spoil the surprise. Also, you are allowed to purchase all the food and drinks you dreamt to enjoy over the past 3 months and you should prepare yourself a delicious and rich dinner for that Saturday night. At 7 p.m. Saturday, I expect your food to be ready and all the parcels I sent you to be placed in the middle of your living room." And with that she stood up and started to move about her house, beautiful and naked. "Do you like what you see?" "Oh yes my Goddess!" "Well, there is much more to come for you on Saturday. I am proud of you slave. Have a nice week." That same evening I went to an upmarket food store and purchased delicacies, expensive wine and champaign bottles. I reveived 3 parcels during the week, First a middle-size one, then a small one and, finally, a very large one on the Friday, that I had to go pick up at the central post office with my car. At 7 p.m. on Saturday, I was ready, kneeling naked in front of the computer, waiting for my Mistress' image to appear.

"Good evening slave." she said as she appeared on the screen, wearing a sexy red cocktail dress. "Tonight is your night, I hope you enjoy it." "Now, you will get dressed, get in your car, withdraw 5000 euros in cash and drive to your town's red light district. You will look for the woman who you find the most attractive in the street and also the woman that you find most repulsive and you will pay them whatever is required to have them come to your flat for the whole night. I'll be waiting for you here. Go now!" Dressed, with the cash in my pocket, I drove through the streets of the red light district, looking for what my Mistress asked. First I found the first one, a tall, muscular black woman in her late 20's, wearing tight jeans shorts and a T-shirt. Not far from her, I saw the other woman, an obese 50-something fake-blond, outrageously made-up, in a miniskirt. I stepped out of the car and approched the two women, who agreed to follow me to my appartment for the night for a total of 500 euros (250 each). A few minutes later, we were entering my appartment.

"Welcome ladies, Manuela's voice said, please have a sit in the sofa, Severin will serve you a glass of champaign." The women looked at each-other with a smile. As I was serving them a chilled glass of the best champaign, my Mistress continued: "So Severin, did you forget the first rule in my appartment?" (for a while now she had been calling my place her appartment) "Get undressed now and kneel on the white carpet in front of the ladies." As I undressed, both women started to laugh at the pink panties and even more when they realized I was wearing the belt. "Let's make the presentations. I am Goddess Manuela. What's your name?' The African girl was called Baya and the fat one Kathy. "This is my slave Severin. Severin, please introduce the ladies to your Master. Yes, take it out and show him to them, tell them "He is my Master"." As I did as instructed, the two women could not stop laughing hysterically. "Oh, it looks that Master is not very clean, you disappoint me Severin. Show the ladies how you can lick your Master clean, they seem to enjoy it..." "Ladies, would you be so kind as to open medium size box. You will find in there some tight latex clothes (corsets, high boots and all) that I would like you to wear for my slave tonight. I hope you can find your sizes. As the ladies get dressed, I will tell you what I have in mind for you tonight Severin. As you have been a very good slave over the past 3 months, I decided to reward you. So, the plan is the following. Baya will first unlock you from your belt (I will tell her where to find the key). You will take Master out and put it in Kathy's ass. As Baya prepares the table for the two of you to enjoy this lovely dinner, you will have a few minutes to give a good caning on Kathy's bottom. I think you suffered a lot these days and you must need to release some of your anger. You will find a few canes to chose from in the parcell. You will then have dinner with Baya, served by Kathy. After dinner, you will have the full night to make love to Baya as many times as you like, in any way you like. Kathy will remain at your disposal to serve you drinks or food as you decide." "So slave, do I know how to reward a good slave?" "Oh yes Mistress, You are so generous to me!". Both women came back dressed in tight latex, Baya looking ever more stunning and Kathy truly disgusting...

"Before we start, there is one little detail I need to check. Baya, would you be so kind as to get the small box? Inside, you will find two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold and a neck chain with a key attached to it. Please would you be so kind as to attach the cuffs to his wrists and ankles, hands behind his back? Now, put the blindfold on his eyes, yes. This key is the key of his chastity belt, so please, would you do me the honor to unlock him?" As Baya unlocked and removed the belt, my cock became immediately rock hard and I stood there in anticipation. "Baya, you can start stroking him slowly, but be careful, after 6 months, he must be ready to burst, so let's not make a mess on my carpet..." Baya's expert hands starting stroking my cock, and I was in paradise. It was just so good, so intense. "Well, now slave, as Baya is caressing you, I just have one question to ask you. You will need to be extremely careful with your answer, as, as we speak, I have made all the steps to publish a detailed footage of your videos on youtube, and I have just one last button to push." I started to panic, what was happening? "Don't worry boy, I will ask you a simple question and you know the answer to it. If, by any stupid chance you decide to lie to me, I will immediately press the button. If you chose to tell me the truth, I will immediately press cancel and nothing will be published... Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." "I know it is a little difficult to concentrate with what she is doing to you right now, but I'm sure the question is so simple you will know what to answer. Take your time before making your decision, as this could be the end of everything..."

"Well, my question is: did you hide from me any room that you have access to in this building? Take your time to answer, take a deep breath... yes?" "Yes Mistress I did." "Good, you are doing well, two more right answers and I will press cancel. Where is that room?" "In the basement Mistress." "And where is the key to that room?" "In my office bag in the entrance." "Good Severin, I have just pressed cancel. Now, Baya, would you stop strocking please? Thank you. I need to have a few words with this slave. You have disappointed me greatly slave, and tonight, instead of the dream night I had prepared for you, you will have to bear more suffering than you ever imagined you would." I was terrified, and so helpless. "Baya, you may open the large parcell, in there, among many other things, you will find some electric equipment : an electric ring to put around his balls, an kind size electric anal plug and, last but not least, a metal rod to slide inside the slave's cock. Please prepare him now, and place the power device on the table. We will be able to shock his balls, ass and prick with a variety of intensity levels." I hear the woman walk to the parcell, open it, and she started to prepare me, replacing "Master" with an even larger electric plug, clipping a heavy ring on my balls and sliding the rod in my erect cock. "He is ready now, she said." "Thank you Baya. Let's put him on level 3 for a start, with the random function." And I started to receive excuriatingly painful shocs in my most sensitive parts... And this was only "level 3". "Now, take off his blindfold. Kathy, please take off your panties and kneel on the sofa. This slave is going to lick your ass for all the time that it will take Baya to bring upstairs all what she will find in the bitch's cellar. Depending on what we find there, I will decide what comes next." The fat old lady took her panties down and exposed her humongous ass for me to workship. This was really disgusting. "What are you waiting for? Get to work. We will ask Kathy if you did a good job, and if you did not, the power level goes to 5." I anxiously started to dip my face between the woman's buttocks, tongue out to find her whole...

It took Baya two hours to empty my cellar and bring all my precious belongings upstairs. I was exhausted from the licking. On two occasions, Kathy released a disgusting fart in my mouth and face, causing a lot of laughs in the room. Mistress just ordered : "Keep going, don't be a sissy for once in your pathetic life!" "Enough, now. I think we have everything. So, I see you had food supplies and wine - electricity goes to level 4. You also had books, and magazines, including SM pornography - level 5." I started to scream of pain. "Baya, can you please gag our bitch, as I think he will need to take much more pain in the coming minutes. Use his dirty socks to fill his mouth completely and then the duck tape. Yes, that's it. You also had your own bed and comfortable pillows - level 6." I started to cry and moan desperately. "Ohoho, that's interesting, you have a collection of credit cards, and some cash. Baya, can you count this one for me please?" "There is a total of 10'000 euros in cash here." "Good, you have a choice now, I will either ask them to go to level 7 or, you will offer the cash to these ladies. So, please nod if you agree to give them the cash. Good, so ladies, you just made 10'000 euros. How much did this bitch pay you to come here tonight?" "500 euros" "That means he still has 4,500 euros in his jacket. Severin, I can ask them to bring the level down to 5 if you agree to give them the 4,500 euros. Do you agree? Yes, good, please go down to 5. Now, what else is there here? An adress book, with all his personal contacts - level back to 6 immediately! Baya, please place this one in an envelop that you will find in the large parcel and make sure you ship it over to me in the coming days. What is this now? A computer with an internet connection! That is just inacceptable! Level 10!" That's the last thing I remembered, as with the pain, I passed away instantly at that moment.

I woke up in the middle of the night, naked wearing my belt again, chained to the floor of my now empty cellar. On the floor, only a bucket of water and a plate filled with dog food. How long would Mistress make me wait here? And what was happening upstairs?

Goddess Manuela - Part 2 : welcome to hell !

I had been waiting for her to contact me for over 6 weeks when, one evening, my phone rang. When I picked it up, a familiar voice said "Welcome to hell Severin" I almost dropped the phone. What did that mean? Had she selected me? I was in an incredible state. "Yes my slave, I have decided that you will have the honor to serve me as my full-time long-term online slave. That's for the good news". She paused a moment and went on. "The bad news, I'm afraid, you will not like. First, your belt stays on for another 3 months at least, or even longer, depending on your attitude. Second, you are now completely in my power. It is not anymore a question of you deciding to visit me online whenever you feel like it. I have the video now and, I can tell you, I had the best laugh in a long time when I reviewed it. So, let it be clear now, if you do not obey to every order I give you from this very moment, I will publish immediately your little video on Youtube." This was a horrifying thought! "Did you hear me clear slave?" "Yes Goddess Manuela." "Good then. Over the past month, with the personal and professional information you provided me with, I also did my little research and I know that your boss' name is Cristina Parker, I even have her email adress at your company. Also, I found a lot of your friends on Facebook. They will all receive a copy of the video if you fail to obey me in any way, shape or form, do you understand? I own your life now slave, and even more than you can imagine at this point..." I was speechless, the joy of having been selected was fading to leave room to an overwelming feeling of fear.

"I have prepared some instructions for you, so go get a pen and paper and report back to the phone, quick!" I did what was asked of me (what other choice did I have?). "Well, let's start with the beginning. I want you to install hidden video surveillance cameras in every room of your appartment. No corner should be left hidden, from the toilets, to the bathroom, every place. Also, larger rooms like your bedroom or livingroom should have at least 3 cameras, in order to cover all angles. You will also purchase a very high debit internet connection so that all these video surveillance streams can be sent to my computer 24/7. You will also install loud speakers in every room connected to your computer, so I can give you my orders online wherever you are in your flat without the need of a phone." Before I had the time to think, she concluded. "And send me a map of your appartment as well as a list of all the items you currently own : books, clothes, DVDs, furniture, everything. I expect you to be ready within 2 weeks. You may contact me online as soon as you are ready." With that she hung up. I was totally disorientated. I never thought the situation would turn to that extreme. Within 2 days though, I had put the list together and sent it to her together with a map of my appartment. I had only excluded my most precious belongings from the list, which I stored safely in my appartment's basement. She answered the next day, indicating me precisely where she wanted the cameras to be placed: indeed, I would have no place to hide in my own flat. Installing all this took some time, as I comissioned a professional security company to do it. 2 weeks later, exatly, the installation was ready for the first test.

Finally, my fantasy of being a full-time slave to a cruel woman was becoming a reality. I logged on and sent the video feeds to Goddess Manuela's computer, as instructed by her. I knew this was a new step in my slave life, a step that would turn me into her full-time slave. "Oh I can see you little mouse!" her voice said..."Can you hear me?" "Yes Mistress". "Good then, as of now, our relationship will be based on this. I can see you while you can only hear me. Seeing me will be a priviledge that you will need to earn, and earn the hard way! Now, slave boy, just a few rules to get us started. First, you are not allowed to wear any clothes in your appartment, you should always be naked and exposed so I can check my property is properly locked and the aneros is in place. I really think we should find a name for that king-size anal plug of yours, just calling him aneros is just not fun. As I am your Mistress, I thought of calling him Master... so, you will have Master fucking your sorry ass at all times when spending time in your appartment. Isn't that hilarious? Second, do you currently use the services of a maid or cleaning lady?" "I do Goddess Manuela." "You mean you did until today. I want you to call her right away and fire her. As of today, you will take care of all the cleaning in this house yourself, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Third, you do not need any books, CDs or DVDs in this flat. You have 2 weeks to sell all your stock on ebay. Anything left beyond that you will dispose of in the trash. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." "Fourth, you will destroy tonight all your male underwear and tomorrow you will go to your most expensive women underwear shop in town and buy yourself 5 expensive pink see-through panties, one for each day of the working week. It will be your responsibility to handwash them also. Fifth, you will get rid of all the food that you currently have in your kitchen and replace it with the following: 1.25 kg dog food cans. I did my little market research on the internet : your budget is of maximum 1 euro per kilo. Don't expect to be able to afford a premium brand with that! You may also purchase a few more expensive cans (up to 2 euros per kilo), that you will be able to enjoy as a reward or on week-ends. You will only drink tab water as of now on. No mineral water, sodas or wine allowed. You will also purchase a collection of powerful laxative pills and viagra pills. Is everything clear?" "Very clear Mistress." "Oh, and I forgot to inform you that this morning you enjoyed the last hot shower in a long time. As of now, only cold showers are allowed. You see, water vapor actually obstructs the visibility of the video cameras. I hope you understand. This will be it for now. I will contact you in exactly 2 weeks at 6 p.m. your time via online video chat. I expect you to have complied with all of my orders. During that period, and untill further notice, the video stream stays on, so that I can check what you are up to whenever I please. You may thank me now." "Thank you Goddess Manuela".

I spent the following 2 weeks in a state of constant excitement, duly complying with all the instructions Mistress had given me. At 6 p.m. I was kneeling in front of my computer, dying to see a glimpse of my Goddess on the screen. A few minutes later, she entered the video call. And there she was, dressed in her usual strict business suit, at a table filled with apetizing food and drinks, looking at me with a cruel smile... "Good evening Mistress, I said." "Good evening slave. I hope everything is as per my orders..." "Yes Mistress." "Excellent, so, let me show you something." And with that, she zoomed out with her webcam, revealing three other women, sitting with her at the table with a smile. "Tonight, I decided to offer a show to my friends, and you will be the main character. We all had a tough day and deserve a good laugh I think. So, as you follow my orders, be aware that 4 women are watching you perform." This was a most exciting situation, yet again... "As you can see, we are having dinner right now, so why don't you join us? In order to make it fun for us to watch, I will give you a little challenge : you have 10 minutes to eat a full 1.25 kg can of dog food, drink 3 litres of water and swallow 6 laxative pills. Off you go, we're watching!" I ran to the kitchen to get the "food" and started to open the can. "You should please eat and drink this on the floor of the kitchen, with your hands behind your back, as you will always eat as of today." as I was litterally devouring the disgusting dog "meat", I could heat their chatter and laughter in the background, together with some appreciative comments about their meal & delicate drinks... Once everything was ingurgitated, Goddess Manuela went on : "Come and have a look at us now, you deserve a reward." As I came back to my computer screen, she had moved her webcam under their table and I could see their elegant legs & feet wrapped in fine hosery and expensive high-hill shoes. "You will now stay kneeling and worship our legs & feet while we finish our dinner. You are not allowed to pee or shit for now. Just let us know when the need to do it becomes really unbearable." And with that she continued her meal, chatting casually with her friends... An hour later, I was desperate to pee & shit like never in my entire life. "Mistress, may I go to the toilet now?" "Well, Severin, I don't think you asked properly." "I apologize, Goddess Manuela. I beg You on my knees to be allowed to release myself." "OK slave, but not before you put together a little show for us... you will immediately run to your living room, crouch in the middle of your beautiful white carpet, hands on your head and await further orders."

I did as ordered, and waited in position. "Good boy. Now, I want you to close your eyes and listen attentively as each of us will go, in turn, to the toilets. Sandra is going first, she is entering the toilets, lifting up her skirt and pulling down her panties to her ankles. Now she is sitting." At that moment, I heard the distinctive noise of piss trickling down the toilets. What a torture! An just after, a sound of something solid falling in the water... "How do you like these sounds slave? We are 3 more to go, so listen attentively..." I listen to each of them releasing herself there, while the pressure was becoming unbearable for me. "I think you are ready now Severin. What I want you to do now is to release your Master, right there, on the white carpet, for us. And please, try not to make a mess! Ahaha." I was petrified. How was I supposed to do this? "Quick, quick, you have 30 seconds to release your Master, she said with a harsh tone." I started to push hard, afraid of the consequences of not complying, and that's when the disaster happened... I managed to expulse the huge anal plug, but with the pressure on my bladder and intestines, I covered my legs, feet and the white carpet with a mix of piss and nauseous diarrea... "You filthy pig! How dare you do this? she screamed in the speaker, You deserve an exemplary punishment for your disgusting attitude. Get up immediately." I was in tears. "And stop crying, this will lead you nowhere. You will now clean up your ass on the nice beige sofa, yes, like that. Now, I want you to start a 30 minutes jogging in your appartment, going through every room and stepping in your mess every 30 seconds... We are watching." I started to run like an idiot, spreading shit all over the appartment. "Faster, faster, she ordered." And faster I went, making an even greater mess... After 30 minutes, I was asked to report back in front of the computer. The image was back to the initial one, showing me the 4 ladies sitting at the table. "I am very disappointed with you Severin, and I am sure your Master is too. So, you will now go and pick your Master on the floor and, apologize to Him." I went back to the livingroom, kneeled in the brown stuff, picked the anal plug and said "I am sorry Master." At that time, I heard and explosion of laughter on the other side. "Good, Severin. Now, you will lick your Master clean and put it back where He belongs." As I started to lick the grossly maculated anal tool, the laughs became hysterical on the other side. "Once this is done, you will have a cold shower and start cleaning your appartment. You are not allowed to sleep, eat, drink or leave until your whole place is immaculate. So, have fun!"

Goddess Manuela - Part 1 : The selection

Over the past months, I had become a very regular online slave to Goddess Manuela, via one of the main videochat internet platforms. I was really becoming addicted to our sessions and my heart was beating in anticipation whenever I was logging on into her virtual room to follow her orders. Goddess Manuela had initiated me to the pleasures of teasing & denial. First she made me buy a CB-6000 chastity belt in order to keep me in chastity for extended periods and then an aneros in order to tease me and milk me with this prostate massager. Mistress was incredibly sexy, imaginative anc cruel, and I was unable to refrain from visiting her online almost daily. Sometimes, she would just order me to leave the room and reconnect 24 hours later, other times, when she wanted to be really cruel, she would focus her webcam on her feet, order me to kneel down on the floor with my hands on my head and just ignore me while I was waiting there, helpless. With the numbered plastic padlocks, she was able to check whether I was keeping the belt on between our sessions, and she seemed to take immense pleasure in my frustrations.

One night, as I was logging on for our regular session, having been kept one week in the belt, she gave me the following orders : "Get undressed, put some dry rice on the floor, kneel down on it, hands on the head. Tonight I need to talk to you and I want your full attention". I immediately complied to her orders and, as I started to feel he rice hurt my knees, she started : "Listen slave, I have decided to start a process to select a "real" online slave. You are one of 30 regular slaves that visit me on this platform to whom I will give a chance to participate. You have to realize that the selection process will be very challenging and that, for the lucky (unlucky?) slave who will be selected, what will follow will be even more extreme. Are you interested?" I nodded immediately. My heart was beating incredibly. I felt like the luckyest man in the world! She continued : "Good, in order to be able to participate, each slave will need to pay me a registration fee of 1,000 euros, provide me with his home adress, mobile and fixed line phone numbers. The selection process will last 3 months, during which each participant will remain belted the whole time." The fear and excitement started to fill my body with waves of adrenaline. "I will leave you one week to think about it, after which, if you provide me what I requested, you will be allowed to participate to the selection. If you do not provide me with what I asked, you should not bother visiting me online ever again, as I will not accept you. Now, you will keep your belt on for the next week as you reflect and you are not allowed to contact me again before you have sent me what I ordered." With this she interrupted the session. My head was spinning. She was really asking for a pretty strong commitment and disclosure on my part... but becoming her real slave, what a dream! Within two days, I had sent her the money and all the information she requested. I received a brief email answer from her : "I will send you a package via post. Once you receive it you may contact me again. Do not open it before I order you to. MM".

"Congratulations Severin! You are one of 28 slaves who had the guts to send me their details. So, you have my little package I recon." I showed it to her on the webcam. "Very good. So we can start, open it now." As I opened, I found a metal belt together with a metal security lock. She had also purchased for me the largest size aneros anal toy available on the market. "So, do you like what you see? I thought this would be safer for both you and I. I'm sure you would not like to lose all your chances to become my real slave my escaping from your plastic belt one day of too much frustration! Please note that once locked, I will only send you the key after 3 months, regardless of whether you remain in the league for the selection." 3 months. I had never done that long before. This sounded like an eternity. "So, what are you waiting for? Try i on for me please. First take out your CB-6000, yes, that's it... would you like to wank a little bit that tiny thing for me before you put on the metal belt? Good, so get some oil, get back on your knees and start stroking it... but remember, if you come, you are out of the league, immediately". I complied to these frustrating order, and, after 30 minutes of teasing, I had to use ice cubes on my dick to be able to put on the metal belt. "Very good, now lock it on for me. Congratulations! I think you deserve a reward for taking that important step. Rice on the floor, on your knees and hands on your head!" As soon as she saw I was in position, she started to unbutton her shirt, offering me a glimpse of her full and gorgeous breasts in a black lace bra. "You may stare at my breasts while I am giving you the orders for the next phase of the selection process she started. As you will gradually understand, I need total submission from my real online slave, in all aspects of his pathetic life : sex, money, food, comfort, entertainment... So, within the next 2 days, you will send me a scanned copy of your past 12 salary statements, and a scanned copy of all your fixed expenses: rent, leasing, anything else you may have to pay. I will make a calculation of what you will pay me monthly based on this input, so make sure not to forget anything. Also, for our next session, I want you to bring with you a can of dog food. For now, you still get to choose the brand and flavor. Finally, I want you to get used to wear the large aneros, so don't bother coming back to me untill you can keep it in for at least an hour, as, from now on, you will be wearing it for all our sessions. Good luck severin, and good night!"

As her screen turned black, I was left there wanting more... more excited and frustrated than I had ever been in my life and also scared about the consequences of this crazy selection process. I spent the following 4 evenings gathering the documents and trying to get my ass used to the huge aneros. That was going to take more time than planned, as it was a really big one and my hole was definetly not used to this size. After one month of gradual training, I was finally able to keep it in for one full hour and I anxiously reconnected with Goddess Manuela. "Oh, Severin, I thought you had given up! Show me please, is it in?" I turned around and slided the aneros out for her to see. "Excellent, I am glad to see that you are still in the race. You were the slowest one to get used to the anal plug though, so I don't know what chances you stand for the next steps." I started to feel the anxiety increase : all this for nothing? Was she going to kick me out of the selection process? "Don't worry silly boy, you are still a contender... Did you bring the dog food with you?" I showed her the can. "Good, open it now. You will need to get used to slave food, especially as your budget will be drastically reduced, she teased. I think I should give you an incentive to hep you a little bit with this one. You will pour the content of the can in a plate, place it on the floor and, hands behind your back, you will eat directly with your mouth. If you manage to eat it all in less than 5 minutes, you will make it to the next level and you might even receive another reward. If you cannot eat it all within 5 minutes, you are out and will never see me again. Start now!" I frantically rushed to pour the food in a plate and, kneeling, hands behind my back, starting eating the disgusting food under her amused eyes... "Hurry, Hurry, she said, I would hate to have to kick you out at that point... and no puking please! ahahah!" I finally made it within the required time. Fealing nauseous and disgusted, I showed her the empty plate. "Good, you will be pleased to know that only 5 of you have succeded with this one. So, as promissed, get in position, you will get your reward." And as I poured the rice on the floor, she unbuttoned her blouse and bra and showed me for the first time her superb bare breasts. I as speechless, so thankfull, yet so frustrated. "You see, she continued, good slaves get rewarded. So, you may now stare at my breasts while I give you your next orders."

"I think you now realize that you are only 5 slaves in the race and that I need to raise the bar to test your motivation to surrender fully and completely to me. I have been through your finances. As of this month, you will put in place an automatic payment of 25% of your revenues to me, as your owner and Mistress. This does not mean that I will not expect gifts or order penalty payments whenever I see fit. It is just meant to provide a sound financial base for our Mistress-slave relationship going forward. Now, as you continue to stare at my gorgeous breasts, let me go on with the next requirements. You will have all of your body hair removed. Once this is done, you will go to a tatoo shop and have the following text tatood above your sex : "owned by". You will then produce a short video for me, showing your face, mentioning your name, address, employer, job title and showing your belt, tatoo, aneros and state that you are the slave of Goddess Manuela. I will send you a package with a special sissy outfit that you will then put on for the video as well. I give you one month to send me the video. After that month, I will review all the videos that I have received and decide who will become my real online slave. You are not allowed to try to contact me during that period. I might take weeks or months to decide, and you will just have to wait for my call. If you receive your belt's key sduring that period, that means that you have not been selected and that you can therefore stop the monthly payment. Untill you receive anything from me though, interrupting the payment would be eliminatory. Did I make myself clear?" I nodded. "Good, so I think you have quite a number of things to organize. Good luck Severin!". And with that she interrupted our session.

I have now done as ordered and sent her the compromizing video 3 weeks ago. I have not yet heard from her and do not know how long I will need to wait in this belt, more horny than I have ever been in my life, totally at her mercy and depending on her wim... Every phone call, every letter drives me to the edge as not knowing whether I will ever see Goddess Manuela again is almost unbearable...